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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Illusionist

Can the magician make himself disappear? Can he bring his lost love back from the dead? The expected and unexpected blend into mystery and romance as the Illusionist creates his final and finest trick. Excellent acting.

Don't miss the interviews afterwards. You will be shocked at how ordinary the actors and actresses seem after their extraordinary screen presense. 'Tis the nature of the craft!

Moulin Rouge

Just in! Nothing like the older version of Moulin Rouge, the 2002 view of Alexandre Dumas' steamy, seamy nightclub life is lush and romantic and tragic. The cinematography is like fine velvet, reflecting mood, light, and shadow and drawing the viewer deeper into its folds until the everyday is gone and the world of courtesan and lover breathes in its place. Don't miss this one.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy With Happy Feet!

Wow! If you want to see the animated technological wonder of the year, you must not miss this movie.

The obvious scene to amaze and astound is the one in which the entire community of penguins tap dance in sync with one another while retaining each and every individual characteristic with which they have been endowed by their creators. But, beyond that, there is an eerie moment when Mumbles, the hero, meets human beings and, first, we see Us through his eyes and then, we see him through ours. What is animation and what is not? At that moment, it is really hard to tell, and the effect goes beyond techno-pop and into that realm of The Other.

Parents, beware!

If you have little ones who take nightmares away from scary movies, there are scenes of peril for the little penguin that are uncomfortably real. The teeth are so sharp and the menace so keen, that I feel it, even as an adult who understands the difference between animation and life.