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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Queen

I was not sure what to expect when I watched the movie. I did not see a lot of trailers for this movie, I thought that it was going to be about how The Queen became the ruler of England. Even though that was not what it was about, I was not disappointed.

This movie is how the royal family handled the death of Princess Diana. The movie starts within days of the wreck in the Paris tunnel to the end of the summer with the Queen meeting with Tony Blair. The movie shows how the relationship with the newly elected Prime Minister grows with the Queen.

If you like British History or anything to do with royalty, then you will like this movie.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Lake House--Some Do...

Some do...some don't. Sleepless in Seattle does; You've Got Mail doesn't. When Harry Met Sally definitely does and so does The Lake House. Those wonderful boy-misses-girl-misses- boy-meets-girl-meets-boy movies that we know just have to come right in the end fascinate us and renew our faith in the power of fate.

Sandra Bullock, who is usually just a little too waif-like for me, is on the mark in this film, balancing her lonely, mildly depressed characterization with likeability. I just want things to come out OK for her. And Keanu Reeves makes the love-struck male plausible.

Plausibility, however, is a real problem in this film. You don't want to analyze the nuts and bolts too closely, but if you are willing to suspend belief and just drop into the love story, you (I'm talkin' to you, girls) will have a satisfying chick-flick to get those tear glands going.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Night at the Museum

What if...

Isn't that every kid's preface to a great adventure? What if the museum comes to life each night? What if dinosaurs roam and lions prowl and the great battles of history are fought again and again and again? And what if a 21st century skeptical adult finds himself not just a witness to but a protaganist in this great saga?

Showcase the performances of three legendary comic actors and What If? becomes magic. Not only do Andy Rooney and Dick Van Dyke have a little fun, but we get to go along for the ride.

However, the best part of the movie is not these two old pros in their surprisingly evil roles, but the subdued and on-the-dime performance of Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt. Who else could play that multi-faceted sky-rocket of a president? The treat here is that Williams plays the man rather than the caricature and the result is a stunning vignette leaving the Roosevelt fans wishing for more.

What if you miss this movie? The sun will come up, birds will sing, the wind will blow, but you will have missed a roaring good time!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This is a warning to anyone with children under 13 who may want to watch "The Departed". Send the kids to Grandma's or watch it while they are in school. The language in this movie is worse than "Scarface". This movie contains too much blood and violence for pre-teens.
Jack Nicholson plays a totally evil mob boss you'll just love to hate. The rest of the characters are difficult to define as good or bad. Don't go for a sandwich, or you'll be lost when you come back.