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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Lake House--Some Do...

Some do...some don't. Sleepless in Seattle does; You've Got Mail doesn't. When Harry Met Sally definitely does and so does The Lake House. Those wonderful boy-misses-girl-misses- boy-meets-girl-meets-boy movies that we know just have to come right in the end fascinate us and renew our faith in the power of fate.

Sandra Bullock, who is usually just a little too waif-like for me, is on the mark in this film, balancing her lonely, mildly depressed characterization with likeability. I just want things to come out OK for her. And Keanu Reeves makes the love-struck male plausible.

Plausibility, however, is a real problem in this film. You don't want to analyze the nuts and bolts too closely, but if you are willing to suspend belief and just drop into the love story, you (I'm talkin' to you, girls) will have a satisfying chick-flick to get those tear glands going.

1 comment:

Wormwood said...

Chick Flick Warning. Guys, go for popcorn--there's nothing here for us. They don't even explain how that mailbox thing works.