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Friday, June 8, 2007

Singing Slugs? Yech...

Flushed Away. Who in their right minds would watch a movie about a mouse flushed down the toilet? I certainly didn't plan to. I saw the trailers and thought, Yuk! This one isn't taking up library space. Then a much younger co-worker insisted that I watch it and even brought her copy of the DVD to make sure that I would. What can I say? It's cute.

Maybe it's the affected British accent of the protaganist (He's no Mickey M) or the slight resemblance to my sister that I saw in the heroine--this little flick caught me and I enjoyed almost every minute of nonstop fun. Animation isn't just for kids anymore, so watch this one with your youngsters--the whole family has something fun waiting for them here.

The movie is great for teaching the value of friendship above Things and the importance of social interaction. Great as a vehicle to say that we should unabashedly be who we are. Great when it makes the point that all living beings have value.

Not so great when it comes to Slugs Are People Too. Ick.

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